About Inder Singh - About Me


About Me:-

My name is Inder Singh . I am located at MandiHimachal Pradesh, India. I am an IT professional in Web Development & work as a Drupal UI consultant.

My Company:-

I am a consultant & prefer consultancy over regular payroll job.

I have worked for Faichi Solutions at Pune office, Sapient Corporation / Sapient Consulting  at Gurgaon/Banglore Office. Before that I worked for Remote Tiger & Phinest Software at hyderabad and at Chandigarh/Mohali. .

I believe software development and programming is for peoples with a passion for it. Working with your interest and comfort is what normally peoples are looking for always. I have more of my interest in facing challanges and solving typical problems without giving up... and thats what I think which makes me little different from others.

My Free time Projects:-

A lot of projects & ideas keep hitting my head, so i try to keep busy myself in traveling :-) My free time projects are http://www.hpmandi.com (All About India), http://himsky.com (A developer community)

Technologies I like and Work With:-

I enjoy working on open source technologies like PHP/Drupal,  Jquery / HTML/CSS etc.

I was always eager to learn different technologies and use them on some web projects. Learning HTML, CSS and javascript/Jquery made my life much easy and Helped me to handle projects independently sometime.

My Hobby:-

Being a website developer I enjoy creating interactive, dynamic websites and handling complax web development issues. Apart from programming and being a Hobby coder I enjoy tours & travels. I like to play cricket, chess and badminton.