Parallel Payments and Chained Payments Paypal Adaptive Payments

A parallel payment is a payment from a sender that is split directly among 2 to 6 receivers. Technically, a parallel payment is a set of multiple payments made in a single Pay request. Parallel payments are useful in cases when a buyer intends to make a single payment for items from multiple sellers. Examples include the following scenarios: 1) single payment for multiple items from different merchants, such as a combination of items in your inventory and items that are drop-shipped by partners. 2) purchases of items related to an event, such as a trip that requires airfare, car rental, and a hotel booking. In these cases, the sender knows the receivers and the amount paid to each one. Chained Payments A chained payment is a payment from a sender that is indirectly split among multiple receivers. It is an extension of a typical payment from a sender to a receiver; however, a receiver, known as the primary receiver, passes part of the payment to other receivers, who are called secondary receivers.