Paypal SDKs and Downloads

SDKs and Downloads Simplify Integrations with Downloads and SDKs Get a head start on your PayPal integrations with our software development kits (SDKs). They mask integration complexities with client libraries that let you program to "wrapper" library APIs. Find SDKs by language and product – and choose between SOAP and Name-Value Pair interfaces. PayPal API: Name-Value Pair Interface The PayPal Name-Value Pair Interface is recommended for most developers looking to integrate PayPal APIs, such as Website Payments Pro and Express Checkout: PayPal API: SOAP Interface PayPal recommends that you use the PayPal NVP interface to the PayPal API unless you are already familiar with using SOAP web services. Supported Platforms: Windows Server 2000, 2003; Red Hat Linux 9.0; Sun Solaris 9.0; .NET 1.1 Service Pack 1; NET 2.0; JDK 1.6.x; PHP 4.3 or later; Tomcat 5.0 or later; ColdFusion MX 7. Website Payments Standard PayPal Website Payments Standard toolkits provide code samples for encrypting website payments, and receiving payment notifications after checkout: * ASP.NET * .zip * Classic ASP .zip * Java .zip * Ruby .zip * PHP .zip *The ASP.NET requires .NET Framework 1.1 from Microsoft.