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Avectra Xml SOAP Web Service supported operations

Avectra Xml Web Services with Authentication Token release: - For additional information or for questions concerning xWeb please navigate to netForum xWeb Online help at Please note: all xWeb message exchanges are recommended to occur over SSL.
The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.

Authenticate operations SOAP netForumXML OnDemand avectra

Passing correct credentials to Authenticate method will return an authentication token - without an authentication token, the rest of the xWeb web methods will be inoperable. The authentication token is governed by the group privileges assigned to the account invoking the xWeb web methods. Please consult with the administrator of the netForum database to ensure your level of authorization.
The test form is only available for requests from the local machine.
SOAP 1.1

Calling Authenticate with PHP Xweb xwebSecureClient Avectra netFORUM

This is a small sample adapted from the xwebSecureClass that shows calling the Authenticate method and getting the soap headers.

NOTE: This code was adapted on the fly and is untested right now, if you find success or bugs please update the code accordingly.
$nfxweb = new SoapClient("",
Array('trace'=>true, //turning on trace=true will let us grab the headers and responses
'exceptions'=>true ));

//these are the params set in the constructor

XWeb:GetQuery sample6 Avectra netFORUM

This is how we can use xweb request and reponse.XWeb:GetQuery sample6 Avectra netFORUM



GetQuery netForumXML xweb operations Avectra

GetQuery Provides a means of retrieving single or multiple data records and returns either the specific columns (pruning the number of elements is governed by how the netforum facade object was constructed, for example, the one-to-many relationships cannot be rendered in a flat-view - in these cases, no value will be returned for the impacted elements) or the complete Facade object record (returning all the fields associated with a netForum Facade object can be done by passing a "*" as the sole value for the szColumnList value).

SOAP 1.1