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Drupal 6 Core hooks API guide

Drupal Core Hooks and API guide Links:


Drupal FORM Api guide:
This document provides a programmer's reference to the Drupal Forms API:

x_type AUTH_CAPTURE,AUTH_ONLY authorizenet

Transactions of this type will be sent for authorization. The transaction will be automatically picked up for settlement if approved. This is the default transaction type in the gateway. If no type is indicated when submitting transactions to the gateway, the gateway will assume that the transaction is of the type AUTH_CAPTURE.

Cross browser Jquery JSONP

Jquery AJAX and POST methods are good to use for dynamic content when we are hosting our application/website on same server. But what is you want to get JSON data using ajax from some other server? Cross browser security will not allow you to do it directly. You can do it by making your server side proxy and JSONP...

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Great thoughts and Quotes

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Travel with Us - Advanture

Here I have collection of few Video memories from my past. I Like touring and traveling a lot and give equal priority to my hobbies as I do for my work. Nature is what which provides energy to our souls.

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